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In resistant and industrial company manager office hung a couplet, content is:hard cast Ding Ding He Da, and Jin Jinyi, it is the resistance and industrial enterprise culture。 He asked the bear and company staff, irrespective of position, must post on their own practical work, carry forward the spirit of hard, and mutual support, mutual cooperation, complement each other, the overall situation, clear tasks and common goals。Although in the development of the times, advances in technology, but all of the target task requires all staff work diligently and conscientiously, down-to-earth work to complete。 Stand on solid ground, hard work, unity and cooperation is the resistance and distinctive logo! The work is dry come out, not to say,it is not thought out。 We stand on solid ground of work style, be conscientious and do one’s best work, we have learned to better withstand the pressure of work, talk less, do more practical things, time to strict truth-seeking spirit of strict demands on themselves, motivate yourself。 Positive so-called:Plum incense come from the bitter cold, Jianfeng self-sharpening out。Unity is strength, and the ability to give birth to gold, monofilament not a line, one person alone cannot accomplish much。In the enterprise on the road ahead, everyone will show their strengths, and then through the strengths of others to make up their own deficiencies,unity and cooperation is the best way to solve the difficulties, and fight a lone battle, as unity and cooperation, mutual win, enterprises and individuals to achieve a win-win situation。Resistance and it is in this spirit continue to climb another cause of the peak。 Believe in the future, time will prove, hard cast tripod resistant and people, will open up a broader development road。