ADDR:Shuige Industrial Park Road 12, Pinggu three

Tolerance and industrial was founded in 1994, has been 18 years of history. In 2003, the company in Lishui, is located in the provincial Economic Development Zone -- Lishui Economic Development Zone ( south area ) Pinggu three road No. 12, east of the long-term road, west of 330 State Road, north from high-speed Jinliwen, elegant environment, transportation is very convenient. The company now covers an area of 70000 square meters, the registered capital of 20000000 yuan.

Zhejiang resistant and industrial limited company now has three wet dry, six a total of nine artificial leather production line and three edition, embossed, knead, after processing equipment, specializing in the production of various PU, PU artificial leather, garment leather, upper leather, such as toys, leather, luggage leather and other leather products. Company existing staff 320 people, technical personnel 52 people, including 5 senior titles, intermediate technology title 20 people, departments of sound, reasonable arrangement, strong technical force, excellent quality of the management team. Products for its excellent permeability, wear resistance, sense of leather and other high performance to win the market, also won a reputation for the company.

Tolerance and industrial uphold the " stand on solid ground, hard work" spirit of enterprise, for the enterprise development, dimensions expands ceaselessly, provide powerful spiritual pillar. Companies from the technology, the environment, energy saving and emission reduction has made unremitting efforts, from the beginning of 2005, the company has the production of various links of energy-saving emission reduction technology, and has made remarkable achievements, especially worth mentioning is the company in waterborne resin application also made beneficial attempt, in order to create the green environmental protection type the enterprise stepped solid pace. This company has been zone related department, led by the praise, access to" grow model enterprise" honorary title, 2006 was named for 5 consecutive years of development zone" large taxpayer"," star enterprise" Development Zone, Synthetic Leather Association vice president of units.

In order to meet the market demand change rapidly, the company pioneering and innovative as its purpose, on the basis of the original, and constantly develop new products, and sincerely hope that with the vast number of customers hand in hand, create brilliant.